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Top Crypto Mining Stocks 2022 | Want To mine Bitcoin? Read To know how to mine Bitcoin.

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Today, we are here to reveal the top Crypto Mining Stocks 2022 ,which you wouldn’t want to muss knowing about. The cryptocurrency industry is still young but growing rapidly. Cryptocurrencies are a relatively new form of digital currency, with Bitcoin being the most well-known example.

Top Crypto Mining Stocks 2022 | Want To mine Bitcoin? Read To know how to mine Bitcoin.
Top Crypto Mining Stocks 2022 | Want To mine Bitcoin? Read To know how to mine Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrencies utilize blockchain technology, which makes possible the maintenance of a secure and decentralized record of transactions without the need for a trusted third party.

“CAN is top for value and growth and BITF is top for performance”

Want To mine Bitcoin?

Cryptocurrency mining companies use computers to solve complex computational problems to validate transactions on a blockchain and generate new cryptocurrency coins. Cryptocurrency can then be held and used for certain transactions or be sold for fiat currency. Some of the big names in the crypto mining industry include Riot Blockchain Inc., Canada-based HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd., and Marathon Digital Holdings Inc. ( Top Crypto Mining Stocks)

Crypto mining stocks, as represented by an exchange-traded fund (ETF)—the Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF (BLOK)—have underperformed the broader market. BLOK has provided a total return of -41.0% over the past 12 months, well below the Russell 1000’s total return of 5.9%.1

Below, we look at the top crypto mining stocks with the best value, the top three crypto mining stocks to be precise, the fastest growth, and the best performance. The market performance numbers above and all statistics in the tables below are as of March 15, 2022.

Best Value Crypto Mining Stocks : Let Us Help You Mine Bitcoin, read further to know where to start.

These are the crypto mining stocks with the lowest 12-month trailing price-to-sales (P/S) ratio. For companies in the early stages of development or industries suffering from major shocks, this can be substituted as a rough measure of a business’s value. A business with higher sales eventually could produce more profit when it achieves (or returns to) profitability. The P/S ratio shows how much you’re paying for the stock for each dollar of sales generated.

Best Value Crypto Mining Stocks Price ($)Market Capitalization (Market Cap):  ($M)12-Month Trailing P/S.

  •  RatioCanaan Inc.(CAN)3.46594.50.8
  •  HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd.(HIVE)1.74713.12.7
  • Cleanspark Inc. (CLSK)9.67401.03.9

Source: Ychart

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Canaan Inc.: Canaan is a China-based provider of high-performance computing solutions . The company is focused on researching and developing advanced technology, such as artificial intelligence (AI) chips, AI algorithms, AI architectures, system on a chip (SoC) integration, and chip integration. Canaan recently announced that its board of directors has approved a share repurchase program. Beginning on March 16, 2022, the company is authorized to repurchase up to $100 million worth of its outstanding American depositary shares (ADRs) and/or class A ordinary shares over the next 24 months.

HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd.: HIVE Blockchain Technologies is a Canada-based cryptocurrency mining company focused on linking the blockchain sector to traditional capital markets. It mines digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum at its data centers in Canada, Sweden, and Iceland and it is named as one of the top crypto mining stocks in the world.

Cleanspark Inc.: Cleanspark is a Bitcoin mining and energy technology company focused on solving modern energy challenges. It mines Bitcoin and provides advanced energy technology solutions to commercial and residential customers. The company announced in early February financial results for Q1 of its 2022 fiscal year (FY), the three-month period ended Dec. 31, 2021. Cleanspark posted net income of $14.5 million, a significant improvement from the net loss of $7.2 million in the year-ago quarter. Revenue rose more than 18-fold compared to the year-ago quarter.

Fastest Growing Crypto Mining Stocks

These are the crypto mining stocks with the highest year-over-year (YOY) sales growth for the most recent quarter. Rising sales can help investors identify companies that are able to grow revenue organically or through other means, as well as find growing companies that have not yet reached profitability. In addition, earnings per share can be significantly influenced by accounting factors that may not reflect the overall strength of the business. However, sales growth can also be potentially misleading about the strength of a business, because growing sales on money-losing businesses can be harmful if the company has no plan to reach profitability.

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Fastest Growing Crypto Mining Stocks Price($): Market Cap ($B)-Revenue Growth (%)

  • Canaan Inc. (CAN)
  • Riot Blockchain Inc. (RIOT)
  • Marathon Digital Holdings Inc. (MARA)

Canaan Inc.: See above for company description.

Riot Blockchain Inc.: Riot Blockchain is a Bitcoin mining company. The company also hosts mining equipment for institutional clients through its subsidiary, Whinstone, and designs and manufacturers electrical equipment solutions for Bitcoin mining and other industries through ESS Metron, another subsidiary .

Marathon Digital Holdings Inc.: Marathon Digital Holdings is a digital asset technology company engaged in the mining of cryptocurrencies. Its primary focus is on the blockchain and generating digital assets. The company announced in late January the appointment of Ashu Swami to chief technology officer (CTO). Swami is an experienced chip designer and an expert in crytpo and decentralized finance (DeFi). He most recently served as the chief product officer at blockchain infrastructure company Core Scientific Inc.

Top Crypto Mining Stocks 2022 | Want To mine Bitcoin? Read To know how to mine Bitcoin.

Crypto Mining Stocks with the Best Performance | The trusted Bitcoin Mining experts.

These are the crypto mining stocks that had the smallest declines in total return over the past 12 months out of the companies we looked at.

Crypto Mining Stocks with the Best Performance Price ($)Market Cap ($B)12-Month Trailing Total Return (%).

  • Bitfarms Ltd. (BITF)3.330.6-36.6
  • Hut 8 Mining Corp. (HUT) 4.810.8-45.8
  • Marathon Digital Holdings Inc. (MARA)22.412.3-48.0
  • Russell 100N/AN/A5.9
  • Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF (BLOK)N/AN/A-41.0

Bitfarms is a bitcoin mining firm situated in Canada. It provides on-site technical maintenance, data analytics, and electrical engineering and installation services in addition to mining activities.

In mid-February, the company announced the addition of three new executives to its executive management team in order to support future growth: Philippe Fortier has been appointed vice president of Special Projects, Andrea Keen has been appointed vice president of Human Resources, and Stephanie Wargo has been appointed vice president of Marketing.

Hut 8 Mining Corp. is a bitcoin mining firm situated in Canada. The business is a miner of digital assets that supports open and decentralized networks. It uses specialist equipment to tackle computational issues and provides hosting services to institutional clients in order to validate transactions on the bitcoin blockchain.

Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc. is a digital asset technology company that was previously known as Marathon Patent Group, Inc. The company mines cryptocurrency with a focus on the blockchain ecosystem and digital asset development. It is a part of the Digital Currency Blockchain industry.

The Amplify Transformational Data Sharing ETF is one of just a few funds that invests in blockchain companies, the technology that underpins cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.
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