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The Ghana Technology And Innovation Week (GTIW) kicked off on Friday, April 22 in Accra.

Ghana Technology And Innovation Week

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The Ghana Technology And Innovation Week (GTIW) kicked off on Friday, April 22 in Accra. The festival, which was held in the presence of major individuals, stakeholders, corporate organizations, and the media, was aimed at recognizing, recognising, and encouraging excellence in mainstream technological solutions and innovation.

The Ghana technology and innovation week
Herman Gabriel – Founder of Ghana Tech and Innovation Week GTIW / CEO – BlaqOrigin MMP

Ghana Technology And Innovation Week

The main event will take place from June 23 to 25.

The fiercely contested 28-list categories will honor technology leaders, enthusiasts, influencers, professionals, entrepreneurs, institutions, innovators, and corporate entities.The Ghana Technology and Innovation Week (GTIW) kicked off on Friday, April 22 in Accra.

Adib Saani, Executive Director of the Center for Human Security and Peace and Chairman of the Board of Jury, believes the event would boost young productivity in the face of widespread unemployment while also addressing a slew of issues plaguing the country.Adsterra

“Technology provides us with limitless potential to achieve greater heights.

Mr. Saani stated, “This event is aimed to foster technology, create dialogues, and not just reward but also solve loads of socio-economic challenges we’ve had to deal with as a country.”

The Ghana Technology and innovation week

“We need to make our youth population productive,” he added, “particularly in the wake of enormous unemployment, with many young people dropping out of school and having nowhere to go.”

He also praised Vice President Biden’s efforts to digitalize the economy by adopting a tech-driven structure.

“The Vice President’s initiative to digitalize the economy is forward-thinking.

“For example, we just saw the Vice President announce an E-travel card at an event in the Central Region,” he remarked.

“This means that before a government official leaves the country, all information will be loaded onto the card,” he explained.

The Ghana Technology and Innovation Week (GTIW) kicked off on Friday, April 22 in Accra.
The Ghana Technology and Innovation Week (GTIW)

It ensures accountability, so people will not travel and then fail to account for their expenses.

“We’ve seen a lot of improvements in the public sector over the years, especially with the implementation of the Ghana Integrated Financial Information Management System (GIFIMS), which is an IT-based accounting system that tracks all government expenditure, even at the most decentralized level.”

This increased accountability, encouraged democracy, and ensured that citizens did not engage in anti-state activities.

“It’s been good as far as I’m concerned, but there’s still a lot that can be done moving forward,” he said. IMG 20220424 WA0027

Below is the list of unveiled categories:

  1.  Digital Entertainer of the year
  2. Digital Entertainment platform of the year
  3. Digital Media Company of the year
  4. Tech CXO of the year
  5.  Health Care Platform of the year
  6. Most Innovative Research Lab Company of the year
  7. Tech and Innovation Lab/Hub of the year
  8. Consumer Technology Retail Company of the year
  9.  Digital Product of the year
  10.  Automobile Company of the year
  11.  Logistics Tech Company of the year
  12.  Tech Deployment of the year – Extraction sector
  13. Tech Deployment of the year – Manufacturing sector
  14.  IOT Deploying of the year
  15.  Educational Technology Company of the year
  16.  Energy Solutions Innovator of the year
  17. Water Processing Company of the year
  18. Green Tech Company of the year
  19.  Telecommunications Company of the year
  20. E-commerce Platform of the year
  21.  Woman of Excellence in Tech
  22.  AI Innovation of the year
  23. Tech Security Company of the year Smart Banking Tech Solution of the year
  24.  Business Process Automation System of the year
  25. Tech Champion of the year
  26. Hall of Fame awards

Source: AfricaCNN News.

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