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Here Are The Right Ways to Invest Into Your Music in 2022 So You Don’t Fail As an Upcoming Artist – Bobby The Blogger.

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Today, right here on, you are about to learn the right ways to Invest Into Your Music, this year, 2022 so you don’t fail as an upcoming Artist or musician.

Here Are The Right Ways to Invest Into Your Music in 2022 So You Don't Fail As an Upcoming Artist - Bobby The Blogger.
Here Are The Right Ways to Invest Into Your Music in 2022 So You Don’t Fail As an Upcoming Artist – Bobby The Blogger.

As Artist, we know you need the audience to become a big star but here’s how you can make the audience to become your biggest fans.

Everything you do should all be strategically planned if you really mean to be an artist and want to earn more than what you invest in.

There are some major reasons why most Young Artists like you are failing to make it in their music career and you are following their footsteps because is just because you don’t know the right ways to Invest into your music, Today, Bobby The Blogger tends to reveal the right way to you so you don’t miss out on this.

Here are six Top Ways or right ways to Invest into your Music 2022 and years to come as a young upcoming Artist.

1. Music Distribution To The Digital Platforms.

As a beginner in your music career, it’s very difficult to make the fame that you need but that shouldn’t be your focus now. Some bug stars may have gone through the same footsteps you are following now and probably made it, but i believe you know that not all hands are equal.

Here Are The Right Ways to Invest Into Your Music in 2022 So You Don't Fail As an Upcoming Artist - Bobby The Blogger.
Image showed the number of streams with a so far Revenue generated per each digital store, YouTube, Spotify etc. Earnings are in either Euros or Dollars.

There are simple strategic ways steps in executing the right ways to invest In your music without losing as you always do as a beginner.

Of course you are becoming a loser and it’s not because you are not good in your music…or that you are not bound to make it…No!!! It’s a wrong thought.

Music Distribution to over 150+ digital platforms will earn you three good things which are:

  1. Revenue
  2.  Fans/Audience/Fame
  3.  Brand Awareness.

With your music distributed to over 150+ digital Platforms, you can earn more than your investment. How?…Distributing your music will generate revenue as people across the globe listen or play your music.

Don’t build your music career in your circle only, explore other countries. Distributing your music to these digital platforms will get you the larger fans/audience/fame that you need.

Every Digital Platform generate different revenue per the number of plays on your music and you are payed on the third month after distribution that is if you hit more than the threshold of your distribution company, all revenue will be collected and handed over to you through wired transfer or bank transfer.

After Distribution what can I do to get more audience and listeners?

You are always struggling to let people listen to your music, always investing wrongly that’s paying money to get your songs on Websites which can be done the right way as in rather telling the promoter to either embed your distributed music on the website than uploading it raw which doesn’t give correct statistical analysis on the number of Listeners and allowing people to download freely.

Don’t be scared that people will never listen to your music when it’s not free.. It’s a lie…Human beings love music and there’s no way that we wouldn’t want to get music in our ears when we feel like it…hence you loose big time if you don’t do distribution to earn.

Sharing raw audio on WhatsApp allows Listeners to get your payed recorded music free hence you loose.. don’t think that sharing your music freely will get you listeners and value on your music.

Remember that a fan base is earned through how your brand yourself , the value you add to yourself and contents.

Don’t build a fan base full of poor people who aren’t ready to pay to listen to your music, distribute your music and let them stream with that it becomes a fair deal.

Put Value on your music, just to put yourself in the position of knowing how the right ways to Invest into your music without losing always.

Do these after your music Distribution.

2. Promote your distributed content to reach more Listeners by paying to get your music on Top Charts. Hence, you will get followers and Listeners at the same time resulting in higher Revenue per the number of streams on the platform you choose to promote, either Spotify, Audiomack, Boomplay, YouTube,Nepster,Tidal, SoundCloud,etc.

Here Are The Right Ways to Invest Into Your Music in 2022 So You Don't Fail As an Upcoming Artist - Bobby The Blogger.
Grow your YouTube subscribers, watch time and get approved to start earning from your music | SKBTRENDZ MEDIA COMPANY LTD can offer these services.

3. Promote your music brand on these platforms to get followers and subcribers. Investing in getting followers and Subscribers will reduce your cost of always promoting your content to get more listeners because your Followers and subscribers are those interested in hearing more from you.

4. Give Your Music to Music Bloggers to run the Embed Service.

NOTE THIS: Music Bloggers don’t waste your money but rather you do because you fail to tell them the kind of service you need per your investment. A blogger exposes you to audiences approximately, 50,000 – 100,000+ people or visitors every day.

Note: Music Bloggers run two Services which are:

1. Free Music Download For Listeners( Cost of this is low, Perhaps Ghc50-Ghc100+)

2. Music Embedding after Distribution ( Cost of this is High but beneficial to you, Embedding on Website costs Perhaps GHC 10-Ghc150) Which should have a link related to your digital stores.

Benefits are:

  • – High Streams
  • – More Revenue
  • – More Brand Awareness

So if you are a young Artist, Invest in your music the right way by doing this as beginner, I will suggest you pick the Embed Service as a beginner and allow DJ’s to have the Free Music to play as they acknowledge the availability of the song on all digital Platforms.

As you invest well, you don’t loose and hence you are still fit to be in the music industry.


5. Social Brand Awareness.

Get social by promoting your social pages to reach more people who are like to follow your brand per their interest in what you do.

Grow your followers organically as you promote your music contents on your pages such as videos and links to your Platforms, More video exposure for what you are doing daily to keep your fans updated.

So these are the best


OUR SUB-DEPARTMENT – SKBTRENDZ MEDIA COMPANY LTD can offer all these services above.

  • Music Video Shoots.
  • Brand Reach via Social or YouTube ( Views/Subscribers/Followers)
  • Content Monetization on ( Youtube, Audiomack,etc)
  • Music Distribution
  • Social media Growth ( Instagram, Facebook, and more.)

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Bobby The Blogger

Bobby Amoah ( Bobby The Blogger) is the founder and CEO of SKBTRENDZ MEDIA COMPANY LTD. as well as Africa CNN. Digital marketing, website development, YouTube monetization, music distribution, artist Promotion, graphic designing, Music video production and edition, and social media brand Promotion are all skills that I possess aside my field of studies in Info-Tech. My social media channels are where you can find me and contact me for my services.

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